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Help starting a business in McDowell County

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McDowell Economic Development Assoc

Learn more about the work of the McDowell Economic Development Association (MEDA). The MEDA focus is on job creation and increasing the local tax base within McDowell County.


Forms and Links For Your New Business

We have compiled a collection of local, state and federal forms and resource links to assist your new business. These resources should not replace consulting a lawyer, accountant or other business professional.


Business Groups and Business Associations

Are you looking to take your business to another level? Don't miss this resource of local business organizations, service clubs and networking groups to help your business reach exciting new heights in the coming year.

We Are A Work Ready Community

Learn more about McDowell County's status as a certified Work Ready Community to help identify skill gaps and quantify the skill level of the local workforce. 


Business Spotlight - Muddy Creek Manufacturing

Muddy Creek Manufacturing is proud to bring custom tiny home manufacturing to the foothills of Western North Carolina. All of our tiny homes are custom made using wood from our own mill. We use locally grown and harvested timber to bring your vision to life. Each home is carefully crafted with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. 

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